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How Much Money Could I Save by Hiring an Accountant?

Posted on by Janette Allen

Whether you’re a sole trader, limited company or establishing a fresh startup, sooner or later you’ll come to the decision between seeking out an accountant and managing the financial side of things yourself. It’s easy to be hesitant when it comes to bringing in outside help for your own business, and some people feel the … Continue reading

Basic Accounting Terminology

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

Accounting can be an intimidating and hard-to-understand industry if you’re not already deeply involved in it. Like many specialised fields, there are plenty of jargon terms that can confuse anyone looking to seek financial advice, and this can naturally make it more challenging than it already is. We thought it would be helpful to go … Continue reading

How is Your Tax Spent?

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

Taxes are a fact of life, and are often the source of great controversy and debate. Much of this has to do with the eventual use of our taxes, and one of the biggest questions related to taxes is: How is the government spending my taxes? You might feel like your taxes are a nebulous … Continue reading

Why You Should Choose A Certified Accountant for Your Business

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

The financial side of any business requires dedicated attention to ensure that not only are all your various records and expenses are up to date, but also that your company is in the strongest possible position for the future. Some people are able to commit to their finances themselves but more often than not, businesses … Continue reading

How is Brexit Going to Affect My Business?

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

The dust surrounding the Brexit vote has seemingly settled and now the nation is faced with the short term and long term effects. One word that sums up much of the feeling associated with the decision to leave the EU is ‘uncertainty’, and there are many business owners who will be looking to the future … Continue reading

Starting a Business: What You Need to Know First

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

Starting a business can be an immensely satisfying and lucrative venture and it’s no surprise that many people today are striking out on their own to develop and expand their own business ideas. But it’s never easy to get things up and running. If you don’t put enough thought, time and effort into planning your business, … Continue reading

Common Accountancy Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

It’s important not to fall into bad habits when looking after the finances of your business. Many small businesses often run into complications and problems because of mistakes made, often needlessly, with their accounts. Bookkeeping and managing your accounts can be a difficult task to get your head around, but here at Janette Allen Accountants … Continue reading

Cash Flow Forecasting Explained

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

A cash flow forecast can be a valuable tool when running a business as it gives you a clearer idea to what might be viable in the future in terms of financial stability, spending and growth of the company. If you haven’t implemented a cash flow forecast into your financial management – or are unclear … Continue reading

Why you Should Get Help With your Bookkeeping

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running any business, but the complexity and time it takes can often be stressful and confusing, leaving many business owners to delay their bookkeeping to the very end of the tax year and be left in a panic when the deadline arrives. To avoid delaying your bookkeeping and being … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Tax Efficient

Posted on by Janette Allen Team

Tax is a necessary aspect of running any business, and can often be a time-consuming task to manage. Nobody wants to end up paying more tax than they need to, and with some skilled planning you can ensure your business remains as tax efficient as possible. Using the accountancy services of a company such as … Continue reading

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